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Typically Dr. Suwelack: our employees

With their commitment and know-how, our employees live up to our high quality standards every day. It is they who embody the unique Dr. Suwelack expertise and apply it in their everyday work – around the clock in our high-tech production, in Research & Development, in application technology, in quality assurance and in our service, logistics and commercial areas.

We are proud of our employees, see them as our greatest asset and encourage them to be business-minded. For their part, our employees are proud to be part of an internationally successful company that leads the field in its sector. And they are constantly aware of the responsibility associated with this.

As a family company with strong values, it is important for us that our employees should take pleasure in their work. We create the best possible framework for efficient teamwork and for all employees to maximise their potential. This also includes short lines of communication and flat hierarchies.

As a future-oriented company, we train young people in the following professions:

  • Industrial manager
  • Business administration manager
  • Mechatronics engineer
  • Food technology specialist
  • Dairy laboratory technician

Interested? If so, simply call us or write to us. Our personnel department will be happy to inform you about the latest opportunities for trainees.

Want to send a speculative job application to Dr. Suwelack?

If so, we would be happy to receive your application documentation by e-mail, etc. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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