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Here, you can find information on product innovations, trade fair and event dates and news about Dr. Suwelack. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our next trade fair dates

TokyoCafe Show 2018 | 13 – 15 June 2018 | West hall 3•4 | Booth No. 6-23

Test our COFFEE product innovations now!

Benita 900 Rainforest Alliance Certified™ & Organic | 100% Arabica
More and more consumers highly value organic quality and responsible
cultivation for their coffee. With our new coffee creation Benita 900 you can perfectly supply this steadily growing target group.

We use high quality Arabica beans from Central and South America for our Benita 900, which are certified as EU Organic and and from Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms. This rare combination does not only attest to the product’s organic quality, but also the ecologically and socially responsible approach during cultivation.

Naturally, Benita 900 also impresses in matters of enjoyment. The balanced and aromatic premium coffee distinguishes itself with an intense taste, a fresh aroma, chocolate notes and a wonderful mouthfeel.

DUO 83705 BARISTA STYLE Premium | 100% Arabica
Nowadays, a coffee carefully prepared by a barista is considered by many to be the peak of coffee enjoyment. With the DUO BARISTA STYLE you offer your customers a pleasurable experience that is in no way inferior to that of a real barista coffee.

The secret of the DUO BARISTA STYLE lies in a portion of micro-finely ground roasted coffee, which is encapsulated in freeze-dried granules.

The aroma is hence perfectly protected and only unfolds in the cup. In terms of both taste and mouthfeel, the DUO BARISTA STYLE comes very close to freshly brewed coffee.

For the DUO 83705 BARISTA STYLE Premium we only use selected Arabica beans from the best cultivation regions – including 5% finely ground roasted coffee.

Test it!
A fragrant cup of coffee says more than a thousand words. Test our new
varieties Benita 900 Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM & Organic and DUO 83705 BARISTA STYLE Premium for yourself. We will gladly send you a sample. Simply order at and you’ll be able to test our new creations soon for yourself!


NEW: SUGRANO® Spelt Germ

A new and unique Sourdough: SUGRANO® Spelt Germ, the first sourdough made from the spelt germ.
Using 100% spelt germ flour guarantees an excellent nutritional value and a superb flavour profile.

Here you find further information about our new product.

Are you interested in SUGRANO® Spelt Germ?
Write us an e-mail or call us please under +49 2543 72192.
We are happy to help.


Successful Anuga 2017 | Trade Fair Overview

For the first time this year, Dr. Suwelack exhibited under the new “Anuga Hot Beverages” theme. This area is specially designed for vendors of coffee, tea, etc. and has proven to be an ideal environment for presenting our premium coffee product line to an international public.

The newly created exhibition stand’s location directly by the entrance was also optimal. A large cube with the Dr. Suwelack logo crowned the exhibition stand and served as a signpost that can be seen from far away.

Excellent exhibition stand traffic, many constructive conversations and positive feedback from our customers helped make Anuga 2017 a resounding success.

We would like to thank all visitors for their interest in Dr. Suwelack’s range of coffees and look forward to seeing you again.

Anuga 2017

Dr. Suwelack Coffee now in aluminium-free packaging

The development of our coffee specialties in premium quality is coordinated with the desires from our customers as well as the latest and most dependable market trends.
And this concerns not only the coffee, but the packaging too.

The demand for aluminium free packaging is rising, especially for the health and environmental conscious consumer.

Therefore we now offer our freeze-dried coffee specialties on request in an aluminium-free packaging.

The foil for the coffee-pouch-packaging consists usually of three layers: One outside and inside layer of plastic and one barrier layer in the middle, which prevents the product from moisture. Conventional packaging use a barrier layer made out of aluminium. But our innovative, aluminium-free packaging use a barrier layer made out of a special plastic, which functions equally to an aluminium barrier layer.

Are you interested in an aluminium-free packaging or do you have questions regarding this topic? Please feel free to call +49 2543 72121 or send an email to

Dr. Suwelack’s Milk and Bakery assortments now kosher and halal certified.

To allow using our products globally without any restrictions, our entire Milk & More and Bakery & More portfolios got certified: kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU) and halal by the Halal Certification Services (HCS).

These worldwide accepted organisations make sure that our products meet highest standards. With Dr. Suwelack’s dairy specialties and naturally fermented sour doughs Sugrano® only sky is the limit for both, your imagination concerning applications and the target markets for your finished products.

News | Halal + Kosher Logo

Benita DUO BARISTA STYLE - our current Produkt Innovation

The fashion of baristas reveals that consumers are definitely looking for an authentic and high quality coffee experience, willing to commit with the delicacy of the best prepared coffees, hence forgetting for a while their surrounding environment.

With DUO BARISTA STYLE, Suwelack treats the coffee connoisseurs exactly with the same careful consideration as baristas do. Finely roasted and ground coffee of the best selected origins is encapsulated inside DUO BARISTA STYLE, deep into the freeze-dried granule. This brings the soluble coffee very much into the direction of a real espresso: same taste and same mouthfeeling.

Give it a try ! You will never come back to regular soluble coffee.

Here you find our complete coffee product range.

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