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The best way to explore the potential of Florentina and our sourdough powders is by working with them. Which is exactly what our application specialists – i.e. our bakers, pastry chefs and fermentation experts – do in our test bakery every day, testing the quality of our products and developing new application recipes from which our customers can benefit.

There are always new baking trends, rediscovered grain types or special customer wishes to be taken into account, all of which keeps our BAKERY product line as dynamic as ever. All of our latest innovations will be presented here, making sure that you are always up-to-date.


in the BAKERY product line

Florentina Clean Label

The properties and applications of “Florentina Clean Label” are comparable to those of standard Florentiner products. It can be used in existing recipes in a straight swap. Flyer

NEU | Florentina Clean Label


in the BAKERY product line

SUGRA-ROMA Durum Intense

Naturally fermented durum wheat
sourdough which gives your bread a malty,
roasted flavour and a light golden crust. Please contact us for further information.

Innovation + Inspiration - Sugra Roma Intense

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Interested in application recipes, new product ideas or arranging an in-house presentation for your company?
Simply call us or send us an e-mail. We would be happy to provide you with our expert advice.

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