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Innovation since 1884

Our story began back in 1884, when Josef Suwelack founded the “Dampfmolkerei Billerbeck AG” steam-powered dairy. The driving force behind the impressive development that followed was the Suwelack founder family. Over several generations, they established innovation and progress as “typically Dr. Suwelack” attributes. Further important growth momentum came from the efforts of Dr. Arend Oetker from 1986 onwards.

Positive attributes of the family company – such as innovative spirit, thoroughness, flexibility and speed – continue to shape Dr. Suwelack to this day. We recognise new developments early on and zone in on opportunities for our customers and the company.

Dr. Suwelack has long since established itself as an internationally leading manufacturer of high-grade coffee and excellent natural ingredients. Needless to say, we do not rest on our laurels – in the future, we will continue to focus on innovation and on broadening our core area of expertise.
Typically Dr. Suwelack.

From its pioneering years up to its emergence as an international player

1884 Josef Suwelack founds “Dampfmolkerei Billerbeck AG” steam-powered dairy
1927 Dr. Otto Suwelack’s first dried milk production begins
1963 First 2-tunnel freeze dryer for curd cheese and coffee
1978 New plant opens
1986 Dr. Arend Oetker joins as partner and drives the company’s international growth. The company has been the sole shareholder since 2006.
Innovativ seit 1884 - Geschichte

New technologies and international growth

1997 Construction of coffee extraction (CAP 1)
2002 Capacity expansion in freeze drying, spray drying and vacuum belt drying
2007 “CAP2” triples capacity for coffee
2011 New technology in the form of drum drying for sourdough, introduction of cleanroom technology and SAP
2013 Expansion of drying capacity for sourdough
2014 Expansion of clean room technology capacity
2016 Expansion of spray drying capacities with a new spray tower
2019 Opening of the „encapsulated cleanroom factory“
2021 Construction of a new social building
Innovativ seit 1884 - Geschichte