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Here, you can find information on product innovations, trade fair and event dates and news about Dr. Suwelack. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our next trade fair dates

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the trade fair dates that are relevant to us have been postponed or canceled. We will inform you as soon as there are new developments.

Health management at Dr. Suwelack

Introduction of operational health management

Under the motto of „We campaign for your health!“, Dr. Otto Suwelack Nachf. GmbH & Co. KG is introducing an operational health management system for all employees in cooperation with a health insurance company.

The operational health management intends to contribute to further reducing and, if possible, eliminating the stresses and strains experienced at the workplace and the associated complaints for our employees. In doing so, it wishes to further improve our employees‘ health.


Occupational health and safety management at Dr. Suwelack

Successful certification of the occupational health and safety management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 45001

Following the successful establishment and subsequent introduction of the occupational health and safety management system in 2020 in all areas of Dr. Otto Suwelack Nachf. GmbH & Co. KG, the good implementation of and compliance with the standards in this area that is so important when it comes to ensuring occupational safety was certified by TÜV Nord in accordance with DIN EN ISO 45001 in February 2021.


zeroLAC - Lactose free milk powders

By developing a lactose-free skimmed milk powder, Dr. Suwelack expanded the zeroLAC product range.

The new powder impresses with its versatile application possibilities and offers a natural milk taste – without lactose. The existing zeroLAC range consisting of a yoghurt- and a quark powder is thus supplemented.

We would be happy to send you further information and samples. Contact us at!

Download zeroLAC flyer

Visual zeroLac Laktosefrei

Dr. Suwelack goes VEGAN!

With the new product developments, Dr. Suwelack follows the current trend VEGAN.

The new oat- and rice powder offer a dairy-free alternative to the existing range. The powder extracts have a natural sweetness, are 100% plant based and gluten free.

Let yourself be inspired and contact us at!

Download Flyer VEGAN

Visual vegan

Distinguished: Occupational health and safety at Dr. Suwelack

Distinguished once again as an award-winning company 2019 in the field of occupational health and safety

The Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe (Employer‘s Liability Insurance Association for the Food and Hospitality Industry) has once again distinguished our company for the 2019 period for its exemplary commitment to occupational health and safety, which exceeds the legal requirements.

The basis for this was the implementation of preventive measures in the areas of:
+ Occupational safety organisation
+ Training and further education
+ Transport and traffic
+ Occupational safety
+ Health and ergonomics

We participate in this annual competition – not least as an incentive to find more improvements that exceed the legal requirements.

Arbeitsschutz Prämierter Betrieb 2019

Taste the orient – very convenient: Turkish Coffee

DUO 93010 Barista Style – Turkish Coffee –
Experience a cup of Turkish Coffee without a long cooking process! Our new freeze dried coffee DUO 93010 Barista Style – Turkish Coffee – is the key for enjoying a high quality oriental coffee on a convenient and delicious way.

Flavour wise you can expect a harmoniously balanced cup that has a typical strong turkish coffee aroma.

We will gladly send you a sample of our new Turkish Coffee. Simply order at

Download Flyer Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

We focus on sustainability: Our Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffees

Our diverse range of responsibly sourced coffees from the best growing regions in the world offers the greatest enjoyment of coffee with a clear conscience.

The Rainforest Alliance helps with its certification process to ensure ecologically and socially responsible cultivation conditions – ideal for a continuously growing group of customers, who place great importance on how their favourite coffee is grown.

For further information regarding our Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees please feel free to call +49 2543 72121 or send an email to

Rainforest Certified Kaffees

Environmental protection and sustainability at Dr. Suwelack #2: Insect-friendly wildflower meadow

At Dr. Suwelack, environmental protection also means actively contributing to the preservation of biodiversity – preferably right on our doorstep.

That is why work will begin soon at the Dr. Suwelack property on the
construction of a 3000 square metre perennial wildflower meadow, which will provide honeybees, bumblebees, wild bees, butterflies and many other
insects with a broad food supply and habitat starting next year.

By creating this space, we are not only making an important contribution to biodiversity, but also to the quality of life in our immediate environment.

We will keep you up to date on the progress of the project and look forward to presenting photos of our hopefully lush and flowering meadow on our website next year – live from Billerbeck.

Insektenfreundliche Wildblumenwiese

Environmental protection and sustainability at Dr. Suwelack #1: Promotion of electromobility

Our company supports the transition to electromobility among its employees and is setting a good example for this.

Conversion of the company fleet and charging stations on site
In the future, Dr. Suwelack will use climate-friendly plug-in hybrid vehicles as its corporate vehicles to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions. Special parking zones and charging stations have already been set up for this purpose.

Employees who come to work with their own electric or plug-in hybrid
vehicle can also use the charging stations.

Parking and charging Stations for e-bikes and pedelecs
We have created a special parking zone for e-bikes and pedelecs.
There is also a charging station where employees can recharge their batteries in securely lockable compartments.

The electricity for charging vehicles and bike batteries will be provided at no cost by Dr. Suwelack until further notice.

This allows us to offer our employees attractive incentives for switching to electromobility.


Rewarded: Occupational health and safety at Dr. Suwelack

Occupational Health and safety award 2018

We received an award for our exemplary commitment to improving occupational health and safety exceeding the legal requirements in our company from the Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe (Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for the Food and Catering Industry).

The basis for this was the implementation of prevention measures in the following areas:
+ occupational safety organisation
+ education and training
+ transport and traffic
+ occupational safety
+ health and ergonomics

We will now submit the application for this award annually, also as an incentive for further improvements that go beyond the legal requirements.

Logo prämierter Betrieb Arbeitsschutz

NEW: African Coffee Range

Don’t miss out on our Dr. Suwelack African Coffee Range with its delicate, fruity flavours that the region is so famous for!

Interested? Please contact us via
We will be happy to send you some samples.

African Coffee

NEW: SUGRANO® Spelt Germ

A new and unique Sourdough: SUGRANO® Spelt Germ, the first sourdough made from the spelt germ.
Using 100% spelt germ flour guarantees an excellent nutritional value and a superb flavour profile.

Here you find further information about our new product.

Are you interested in SUGRANO® Spelt Germ?
Write us an e-mail or call us please under +49 2543 72192.
We are happy to help.


Dr. Suwelack Coffee now in aluminium-free packaging

The development of our coffee specialties in premium quality is coordinated with the desires from our customers as well as the latest and most dependable market trends.
And this concerns not only the coffee, but the packaging too.

The demand for aluminium free packaging is rising, especially for the health and environmental conscious consumer.

Therefore we now offer our freeze-dried coffee specialties on request in an aluminium-free packaging.

The foil for the coffee-pouch-packaging consists usually of three layers: One outside and inside layer of plastic and one barrier layer in the middle, which prevents the product from moisture. Conventional packaging use a barrier layer made out of aluminium. But our innovative, aluminium-free packaging use a barrier layer made out of a special plastic, which functions equally to an aluminium barrier layer.

Are you interested in an aluminium-free packaging or do you have questions regarding this topic? Please feel free to call +49 2543 72121 or send an email to

Dr. Suwelack’s Milk and Bakery assortments now kosher and halal certified.

To allow using our products globally without any restrictions, our entire Milk & More and Bakery & More portfolios got certified: kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU) and halal by the Halal Certification Services (HCS).

These worldwide accepted organisations make sure that our products meet highest standards. With Dr. Suwelack’s dairy specialties and naturally fermented sour doughs Sugrano® only sky is the limit for both, your imagination concerning applications and the target markets for your finished products.

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