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coffee creations in premium quality

Dr. Suwelack offers you a wide range of freeze-dried coffee specialities. In addition to our successful Dr. Suwelack recipes, we create exclusive blends for individual customers.

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We are happy to help

Interested in our coffee specialities? Simply call us or send us an e-mail. We would be happy to provide you with our expert advice.

Amata Origins

Single-origin coffee with the typical taste of the coffee beans’ country of origin (e.g. Colombia, Ethiopia, Tanzania or Brazil).

Benita Specialities

Specialities, e.g. espresso, certified coffees or organic coffees, some also decaffeinated.

Concerto Blends

Combine the singular characteristics of different provenances into a unique blend. These are characterised by harmonious aromas and a good balance of acidity and mildness.

Duo Barista Style

Innovative compositions made of freeze-dried coffee,
rounded off with a portion of finely ground roast coffee.

Calida Customer

Special blends that were developed exclusively for individual customers. Customer-exclusive products require a long-term partnership and specific minimum production amounts.