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New ideas for our customers

All Dr. Suwelack products are developed and carefully tested with the needs of the market in mind. In this way, we determine the possibilities that Dr. Suwelack products open up for our customers’ brands as well as guaranteeing them premium quality. Particularly in the case of high-quality ingredients from our MILK and BAKERY product lines, the following key questions arise: Which attractive end products
can be developed using these product lines? Which new food trends can be served using these product lines?

This means that we not only see ourselves as a source of excellent products but also as a source
of ideas and inspiration for our customers. A fresh, crispy sourdough baguette or a creamy caramel ice
cream has more pulling power than sourdough powder or yoghurt powder alone.

Here at Dr. Suwelack, the pedestrian term “application technology” actually refers to our perfectly equipped experimental kitchen and fully fledged test bakery. In these surroundings, the quality of our products is constantly tested and seductive new application recipes are perfected using Dr. Suwelack products.

Needless to say, our customers benefit from the know-how of our application specialists. We would
be happy to pay you a visit to demonstrate at first hand how Dr. Suwelack products can be used to best effect.

We are happy to help

Interested in finding out more about our application technology services or wish to arrange a presentation?
We would be happy to provide you with our expert advice.

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VEGAN +49 2543 72198
SWEETENER +49 2543 72194
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