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Dr. Suwelack uses various refining technologies that all have one thing in common: they all process the raw materials using a gentle approach that retains the flavour, aroma and important ingredients. A particular USP of ours is the unique taste profiles that we create by means of our special expert knowledge, in-house procedures and customised processes.


With the Coffee Aroma Protection (CAP) technology, we make use of a special high-tech procedure for retaining the full aroma and flavour of roasted coffee.

Once extracted, the coffee concentrate is gently freeze-dried.


Dr. Suwelack has over 100 years of experience in fermentation technology. With specialist expert knowledge, its own procedures and a collection of its own culture strains built up over decades, it is in a position to guarantee the highest product quality and unique taste profiles.

We ferment yoghurt, crème fraîche and other dairy products at our Billerbeck base before processing it gently into powder specialities from our MILK segment.

The sourdough products from our SUGRANO® product line are also fermented here using patented cultures developed by Dr. Suwelack and a specially adapted process for each product variant.


Freeze drying

Freeze drying involves shock-freezing high-quality raw materials at minus 50 degrees and then drying them gently in a vacuum.
This ensures that the taste, aroma, shape, colour and biological nature of the raw materials all remain intact.
The freeze-drying process is also available under clean room conditions.

Spray drying

With this procedure, liquids such as suspensions and emulsions are dried into homogenous powders quickly and gently.

Drum drying

This gentle drying technique involves applying a thin film of the material in question onto a rotating, steam-heated drum. The film dries quickly and remains stuck to the drum, from which it is scraped off with a knife and then further processed into flakes.

Vacuum belt drying

This particularly gentle process involves applying the material in question onto belts and drying it under vacuum. The temperatures can be kept so low that valuable and sensitive ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, are retained in the dried product and remain functional.

Very low water evaporation temperatures can be reached in the vacuum. This allows our experts to influence aroma, product colour and bulk density as required.

Veredelungstechnologien - Fermentation
Veredelungstechnologien - Gefriertrocknung
Veredelungstechnologien - Thermische Trocknung
Veredelungstechnologien - Walzentrocknung
Veredelungstechnologien - Reinraum