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Yoghurt – guaranteed home-made specialities

We offer you a wide range of gently dried yoghurt powders in premium quality: sweet or sour, aromatic or mild, low-fat or creamy and in organic quality.

The yoghurt for our yoghurt powder specialities is fermented here at Dr. Suwelack. This is also the “secret” of our special product quality. Our expertise from 100 years of experience in fermentation technology allows us to create unique, superior taste profiles and to produce yoghurt powder in accordance with your individual requirements.


  • Completely natural
  • Excellent taste
  • Clean label
  • Wide range of products
  • Premium quality
  • Tailored for your needs
Joghurt - Schälchen Puver

Product line

Yoghurt Classics

  • Classic yoghurt powder from aromatic to mild with pH values ranging from 4.3 to 5.9

Yoghurt Specialities

  • Whole-milk yoghurt powder
  • Instant yoghurt
  • Greek-style yoghurt powder
  • Yoghurt powder with low bacteria count

Organic yoghurt

  • Yoghurt powder A 4.3 – organic
Joghurt - Eis
Joghurt - Pralinen
Joghurt - Salat
Joghurt - Käsekuchen

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